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Liberado OpenCms 10.5.1

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Foi lançado a versão OpenCms 10.5.1 com varias correções e melhorias.

Rewritten and improved source search app.
Apollo Template: Mayor optimization of all formatters, CSS and JavsScript.
Rewritten and improved integrated source code editor.
Page editor now offers filter options in most tabs of the "Add content" dialog.

News in OpenCms 10.5.1
* Apollo Template: Improved CSS, reduced size by more then 100kb.
* Apollo Template: Optimized and rewrote most JavaScript functions.
* Apollo Template: Updated to jQuery 3.1.1, Bootstrap 3.3.7, Font-Awesome 4.7.0.
* Page editor: Added access to context menu in element settings dialog.
* Page editor: Added option to configure the element deletion default in the "remove element" dialog.
* Localization: Formatter names can now be localized.
* Localization: Bundle translator now stores message properties in alphabetical order.
* Localization: Bundle translator now offers a direct publish button in the toolbar.
* Localization: Allowing locale specific detail only container contents.
* Sitemap editor: Copy function now allows manual editing of target folder.
* Template API: Added multiple utility functions to the <cms> taglib.
* Detail pages: Settings on matching elements are now reused for detail content display.
* Detail pages: <cms:link> tag now supports manually forcing a specific detail page.
* Properties: Added text area widget option for editing properties.
* Improved the project management app.
* Improved writing of container pages to store containers and element settings in a reproducible order.
* Improved handling of model groups.
* Improved handling of locales with country variant.
* Improved email validation regex to allow more valid email addresses.
* Improved touch function to use automatic XML correction.
* Improved copy element function to use automatic XML correction.
* Improved link generation for static resources to use VFS prefix settings.
* Updated CMIS Java libraries.
* Defined calendar mime-type for .ics files, PR provided by gallardo.
* Removed password output from standard out, PR provided by adrianrm.
* Improved message in delete dialog if deleting is not allowed, PR provided by AnnJul.
* Renamed copy dialog label 'Target folder' to 'Target', PR provided by gallardo.
* Fixed issue with element settings not being saved on newly placed content elements.
* Fixed issue with double conversion of dates in search field mappings for attributes.
* Fixed issue with order of content elements mapped to multi-valued Solr-fields.
* Fixed issue with context menu for deleted resources in publish dialog not displaying correctly.
* Fixed issue with project tool tip not being displayed in file tables.
* Fixed issue #408 with permanent redirects.
* Fixed issue #457 in the Apollo template where user blog articles generation failed.
* Fixed issue #462 where gallery dialog would not open on preselected values.
* Fixed issue #475 where dynamic functions disappeared from a containerpage.
* Fixed issue #477 where create containerpage with content elements would not work for non Admin users.
Para mais informações: ... notes.html

Download da versão OpenCms 10.5.1

Download do upgrade para versão estavel 10.5.1
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