Liberado OpenCMS 6.2.3

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Liberado OpenCMS 6.2.3

Mensagem por Deiverson » 23 Jul 2006, 10:43

Está liberado a versão 6.2.3 do OpenCMS, com diversas correções importantes de erros reportados da versão 6.2.2, são elas:

* Added option to delete locales in XML content and page editor
* MIME-types are now configured in opencms-vfs.xml instead of internal properties file
* Optimized "direct edit" implementation for speed (not longer based on JSP includes by default)
* Added option for manual placement of "direct edit" buttons, depending on the provider implementation
* Implemented a text only "direct edit" button provider that supports manual placement
* History list optionally shows project name and description
* Additional optional DBCP parameters for connection pooling and validation provided in
* New configuration option for initial checkbox state on new folder dialog in opencms-workplace.xml
* Content tool for property change allows to set property values for resources that have an empty old value
* Extended the Account Management: Details for permissions in group list and extended list for users in group
* Extended <cms:parse>/<cms:decorate> by attribute "noAutoCloseTags" for tag names that must not be auto-closed
* Added some configuration options to the HTML Widget for structured contents: show buttons for table or image dialog, use a CSS in the editor area, show the style selector for individual styles (for FCKeditor widget)

Resolved issues in this version:

* Fixed issue #1161: Nested contentload tags fail, sometimes silently
* Fixed issue #1171: CmsJspActionElement.img() doesn't work properly in Online project
* Fixed issue #1189: CmsSelectWidget should have a method to get the option from it's stored value
* Fixed issue #1198: Problem in "Search Management" when deleting all indexes
* Fixed issue #1201: Resources in export-points are not re-exported after publish
* Fixed issue #1203: File lock persists after closing browser window from content editor
* Fixed issue #1204: Deleting Web Users corrupts OpenCms installation
* Fixed issue #1212: Uploading 0-byte files fails
* Fixed issue #1217: <cms:link> with relative path on static export returns empty value when linking to current folder
* Fixed issue #1225: Typo in localized message bundle ERR_DIRECT_PUBLISH_PARENT_NEW_2
* Fixed issue #1227: Insufficient access rights on workplace css files if static export is disabled
* Fixed issue #1229: Synchronisation settings are lost when user changes workplace preferences
* Fixed issue #1236: Target attribute for explorer context menu entries does not work in all cases
* Fixed issue #1238: Form-Module produces wrong HTML-code
* Fixed issue #1239: Setup Wizard Generic Database error
* Fixed issue #1243: Workplace display messed up after multiple static export
* Fixed issue #1247: Display issue for multiple select boxes and help texts in IE
* Fixed issue #1250: Display issue of preview button in link gallery widget
* Fixed issue #1252: Availability context menu entry not shown for pointer resources Backward compatibility
* Fixed issue #1255: OpenCms is not able to work on Windows mapped network drives
* Fixed issue #1265: Copy of multiple items between sites fails
* Fixed issue #1271: Validation rules aren't triggered at the right time when editing structured content
* Creating a resource that would override an existing one now displays the 'right' error message
* Fixed issue in <cms:img> tag with static export of scaled images not really working
* Fixed JavaScript error in workplace search tool dialog for internet explorer
* Fixed issue with readResourcesWithProperty and getResourceInTimeRange not applying user permissions
* Workplace search tool generated invalid result links if current site is not root
* Modified calculation of inserted nav positions
* Fixed issue with upload applet always using the site root set in the user preferences
* Legacy element cache is cleared on clear cache event
* Modified handling of scrub export folder for static export on demand
* While publishing projects in Project Management there is now a link validation before publishing
* Fixed display of date values of xml elements in history comparison
* Fixed error when searching in sites with uppercase letters in site path

Further maintenance changes:

* Updated FCKeditor module to FCKeditor version 2.3.2
* Updated simapi.jar to version 0.9.4
* Updated commons-httpclient.jar to version 3.0.1
* Updated the list of supported MIME-types
* Performance improvement for log file viewer tool in the Administration view
* Temporary files are now invisible for members of the groups Users and Projectmanagers
* Static Export no longer creates a new session for each exported resource
* Refactored HTML generating methods for CmsCalendarWidget from CmsWorkplace into the widget class itself
* Improved I/O performance when uploading zip files / building search index

É recomendado que todos os usuários usem a versão mais atualizada.

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