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Liberado OpenCMS 7.0 RC 2

Mensagem por Deiverson » 11 Jun 2007, 14:11

O OpenCMS 7 RC 2 está disponivel como pacote binario na área de download do O codigo fonte está disponivel na pasta publica do CVS e, "DEV_7_0" branch (Tag "build_7rc_2")

Caracteristicas dessa liberação:

* An experimental update Wizard for OpenCms 6 installations on MySQL is available [new in RC 2].
* Support for the PostgreSQL database now included [new in RC 2].
* Improved backward compatibility with OpenCms version 6 [new in RC 2].
* The internal link management has been greatly improved.
* If files (or folders) are moved / renamed, all links to these files are now kept intact.
* Deleting a resource that is linked by other resources does now display a warning / confirmation dialog.
* The new "Content Relationship Engine" (CRE) allows defining arbitrary relations between OpenCms resources.
* Native support for WebDAV access to the OpenCms VFS has been added.
* Link management support has been added in editors for standard HTML tags 'area', 'object' & 'embed'.
* Publishing of resources is now done using a queue, so a user can continue to work after publishing has started.
* The concept of "Organization Units" (OUs) has been added to the internal user management.
* System permissions are now based on a comlete new set of "Roles".
* It is now possible to delegate management of users / groups in OUs to Sub-Administrators.
* A "switch user" (su) function for Administrators in the OpenCms Workplace is now available.
* Many usability improvements for the OpenCms Workplace have been made, especially concerning the handling of other user locks.
* Many dialogs in the OpenCms Workplace are more responsive because of the use of Ajax technologies.
* The context menus in the Workplace are now cascading and can be configured individually based on the users permissions.
* A new "Undelete" function is available on the context menu to restore deleted resources, including complete deleted subtrees.
* The full text search has been greatly improved so that individual resource properties or fields from XML content can be searched directly.
* A "time warp" feature in the Workplace now allows users to view resources with date expired / date released settings.
* Auto correction for structured XML contents now allows changes to the XML schema of existing resources.
* A configurable search tool is now available for content managers in the Workplace.
* A permalink handler for resources is available for external references in case a resource is moved or renamed.
* The core database structure has been optimized.
* JSP 2.0 and Servlet 2.4 are now used by default.

Quem é recomendavel utilizar a distribuição OpenCMS 7 RC 2?

Esta versão candidata é recomendavel para usuarios experientes, desenvolvedores e colaboradores, está versão é uma preparação para o lançamento oficial da versão final do OpenCMS 7. Com data oficial de lançamento para 4 de julho de 2007.

Clique aqui para download completo da versão OpenCMS 7 RC 2

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