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Liberado OpenCMS 7.0.3

Mensagem por Deiverson » 07 Nov 2007, 20:15


A equipe da Alkacon liberou a versão 7.0.3, uma nova versão com varios bugs corrigidos, segue abaixo o email na integra:

Version 7.0.3 of OpenCms is now available for download.

With OpenCms 7.0.3, a number of issues that persisted in the 7.0.2 release have been fixed. Some new feature have been added as well.

Please visit to download this latest OpenCms version.

We recommend everyone who uses an earlier version of OpenCms to update to the 7.0.3 release.

New Features in OpenCms 7.0.3

* Added database support for DB2
* Added database support for HSQL, contributed by Sebastian Himberger
* The extended HTML import is now available in the 'new' dialog to import a
site structure to the current folder
* The suffix added to new resources is now taken from the first configured
default file instead of always being ".html"

Fixed issues and other changes in OpenCms 7.0.3

* Fixed issue #1266: Improved robustness of default workplace tool handler
* Fixed issue #1303: Corrected style sheets path in static export
* Fixed issue #1304: In static export configuration the rfs-prefix
parameter accepts URLs again
* Fixed issue #1319: Updated comments on renaming servlets in web.xml
* Fixed issue #1320: Added warning to 'readme.txt' about overwriting the
web.xml file in update wizard
* Fixed issue #1321: Servlet name is no longer hard-coded in setup wizard
* Fixed issue #1326: Corrected typos in logout message (German locale)
* Fixed issue #1335: Corrected typos in 404-handler (German locale)
* Fixed issue #1420: Allowing workplace login page to be customized
* Fixed issue #1433: Uninstalling xmlcontentdemo does not damage other
module any more
* Fixed issue #1468: Missing encoding property for German localization
property files
* Fixed issue #1477: User with "workplace user" role can again choose a
template when creating file with free text
* Fixed issue #1529: Validation for elements of type
OpenCmsVfsFile/OpenCmsVarLink no longer fails with parameters
* Fixed issue #1530: The user password is not longer shown in plain text in
the error message for password confirmation
* Fixed issue #1542: Links to exported files containing anchors are now
resolved correctly
* Fixed issue #1550: Problem in CmsResourceBundleLoader using a
SecurityManager solved
* Fixed issue with deleting a module that contains locked resources
* Fixed issue with OpenCms not starting if there are pending publish jobs
for users not in the root OU
* Fixed issue with org.opencms.util.CmsHtmlStripper preserving complete
HTML in case no preserve Tags are configured
* Fixed issue with static export generating wrong links from a resource to
a related resource in a RFS rule
* Fixed issue with importing a resource where the ID is already in use by
other resource
* Fixed issue with displaying running publish report
* Fixed issue with NPEs in the publish dialog
* Fixed issue with removing publish locks during shutdown
* Fixed issue with mapping of values in XML contents to attributes of
* Fixed issue with history dialog not working for expired resources
* Fixed issue with corrupted characters in filenames when uploading files
without the applet
* Fixed issue with filtering the accessible sites with the view permission
* Fixed issue with context menu in Firefox browsers calling the selected
action twice
* Fixed issue with missing excerpts using default search field
* Fixed issue with displaying search result excerpts containing HTML code
* Updated simapi.jar to version 0.9.6, fixing the "missing line" issue when
scaling images

Thank you for using OpenCms and have fun with OpenCms 7.0.3 :-)


Alexander Kandzior

Alkacon Software GmbH - The OpenCms Experts -

Download da versão 7.0.3
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