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Liberado OpenCms 9.5.2

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OpenCms 9.5.2 é uma versão atualizada do OpenCms 9.5, e contem um grande numero de correções (principalmente de segurança) e adicionado algumas melhorias.

New in OpenCms 9.5.2

* Added Japanese localization (provided by Yuta Aoki).
* Added Czech localization (provided by Filip Kratochvil).*
* Added additional search settings in XSD for mapping of Solr fields to container pages.
* Improved loading times for VfsFileWidget (and other widgets based on the gallery dialog).
* Changed HtmlWidget to list styles from the content CSS in the style select box.
* Demo template updated to Bootstrap 3.3.5.

Items marked with * are considered important improvements in this version.

Improved in OpenCms 9.5.2

* Updated Spanish localization (provided by Sergio Raposo Vargas).
* Updated Russian localization (provided by Iliya Makarov).
* Add use pages to Javadocs (provided by Alberto Gallardo).
* Improved 'This page' option in publish dialog to show changed contents of detail containers.
* Improved availability handling in conjunction with the sitemap editor and navigation builder.
* Fixed issue #236 with wrong localization of "Direct Edit" in the workplace's preferences (provided by rohtake).
* Fixed issue #278 with mangled javadocs when compiling with JDK 8.
* Fixed issue #304 to resolve some XSS vulnerabilities.
* Fixed issue #312 with modified MySQL create tables to support innodb (provided by Enrico Marongiu).
* Fixed issue #313 with the demo pages tabs formatter not working online.
* Fixed issue #314 regarding setup with JPA supported DBMSs (provided by Smyatkin Maxim).
* Fixed issue #315 with workplace search not working when selecting a specific site.
* Fixed issue #320 with the demo pages tabs (duplicate of #313).
* Fixed a number of XSS issues in the workplace.
* Fixed issue where the types in the container page editor's 'Add' menu were not updated after changes to nested containers.
* Fixed issue where the information for locked images was copied to the title attribute in the WYSIWYG editor.
* Fixed issue with the toolbar being blocked by an overlay when using the model selection dialog in the page editor.
* Fixed issue in the publish dialog where sometimes publishing resources in the root folder caused an error.
* Fixed stack overflow error caused by incomplete preference configuration after running the updater.
* Fixed issue with message bundle caching where sometimes XML message bundles were not found.
* Fixed issue with secure server links on error pages.
* Fixed issue with workplace search not working for indexes other than the Gallery index.
* Fixed issue where detail container pages failed to be unlocked after editing.
* Fixed issue with Lucene index for container pages where content for locales other than "en" was not indexed.
* Fixed issue where registering change listeners in custom content editor widgets could cause a stack overflow.
* Fixed doctype for workplace dialogs to avoid compatibility mode in IE.
* Fixed corrupted images in updater.
* Fixed issue where the resource info dialog crashed when reading a relation whose source did not exist anymore.
* Fixed issue where the category folder name configured on /system/categories was ignored by the sitemap editor.
* Fixed IE browser mode issue which sometimes caused problems with the upload dialog.
* Fixed issue with legacy direct edit text button provider not showing localized messages.

Download da versão estavel 9.5.2

Download do Upgrade para versão estavel 9.5.2
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