Liberado OpenCms 10.0.0 Alpha 1

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Liberado OpenCms 10.0.0 Alpha 1

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Foi lançado a versão OpenCms 10.0.0 Alpha 1. Esta versão alpha não esta com todas funcionalidades importantes estão faltando, e serão adicionadas nas próximas versões alphas e betas.

Não é recomendável usar essa versão em ambiente de produção!

New in OpenCms 10
* Modernized the look & feel of the overall user interface
* Introduced the Launchpad as the central starting place for the user
* New file explorer with support for column sorting, filtering and large folders
* Developers can now export and import modules through a SMB network share
* New Git App allows committing of module content directly from the workplace
* New <cms:search> tag combines SOLR based resource collection and full text searches
* Drag and Drop of images directly in the page editor
* Copy groups allow creation of boiler plate layouts with text / images
* Reuse groups allow reusing nested container structures on several pages
* Users are identified with an identicon in the toolbar
* Improved the template editor with support for inherited and disabled templates
* New <cms:edit> tag allows editing of arbitary resources based on UID
* Added a reset password option to the login dialog
* Nested container structures can now be copied using the clipboard
* Support for local configuration change sets based on XSLT
* Modules can be exported with a reduced manifest.xml to avoid merge conflicts
* Optimized resources types, formatters and views in the demo template application
* Updated the responsive demo template based on Bootstrap

Improved in OpenCms 10.0.0 Alpha 1
* Extended lookup of login-form property to also work with detail pages.
* Made pointers/htmlredirects work for internationalized domain names.
* Improved synchronization in SQL manager and content type definitions.
* Fixed issue #323 with missing manifest entries for Russian localization.
* Fixed script tag generation in action elements for better IE compatibility.
* Fixed issue where import failed due to missing principals.
* Fixed issue with null pointers during inline editing.
* Fixed issue with null pointers when reading search document dependencies.
* Fixed issue where validation messages were not displayed in the workplace locale.

Download da versão Alpha 1 do OpenCms 10.0.0
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