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Liberado OpenCms 9.5.3

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O OpenCms 9.5.3 é uma atualização com correções de problemas que persistiram na versão 9.5.2. Foram adicionado novas caracteristicas, esta versão tem foco em segurança e estabilidade.

New in OpenCms 9.5.3

* Added support for Java 8.
* Improved the source code editor in WYSIWYG fields.
* Gallery dialog now memorizes the last search result sort order.
* Demo template updated to Bootstrap 3.3.6 and jQuery 1.11.3.

Improved in OpenCms 9.5.3

* Fixed issue #231 where lower case SQL statements failed on MSSQL DBs.
* Fixed issue #240/#307 where invalid dates were not handled properly by the content editor.
* Fixed issue #279 related to Java 8 support.
* Fixed issue #282 with MySQLSyntaxErrorException for DROP DATABASE in (pr #346 by gallardo).
* Fixed issue #296 with wrong order of choice elements after XSD change or saving in control code editor (fix by mwxwidmann).
* Fixed issue #321 where download galleries would not show any images.
* Fixed issue #331 where permalinks to resources beneath /shared/ where not generated properly.
* Fixed issue #333 where non VFS documents in Solr indices where not considered in the result size calculation (fix by kartobi).
* Fixed issue #339 where "stylesformat" setting would not always work for TinyMCE widget.
* Fixed issue #340 where the log file viewer failed due to spaces in the web application path.
* Fixed issue #344 where malformed HTML was inserted in direct edit mode.
* Fixed issue #350 where direct editing of collector list content would fail in Firefox 41.
* Fixed issue #353 by improving login cookie generation.
* Fixed issue #357 by improving default file name generation.
* Fixed issue #359 where some context menu entries did have the wrong visibility settings.
* Fixed issue #360 where quick search within the category widget failed.
* Fixed issue #365 where link excludes were not considered during link generation.
* Fixed issue #369 where sort by title did not work for images in gallery dialog.
* Pull request #188 adds support for specifying a custom charset for notification mails (pr by t-nasu).
* Pull request #338 fixes issue with sourceSets in Gradle scripts (pr by gallardo).
* Pull request #351 adds support for JPA enhancement of Java 8 classes (pr by gallardo).
* Pull request #354 fixes an issue with NPE in log during shutdown when Solr is disabled (pr by gallardo).
* Pull request #356 fixes another issue with NPE in log during shutdown (pr by gallardo).
* Updated the source code editor to latest version of CodeMirror (5.10).
* Updated the WYSIWYG editor to latest version of TinyMCE (4.3.2).
* Security: Fixed advisory SYSS-2015-063 regarding XSS vulnerabilities in workplace login (reported by SySS GmbH).
* Security: Updated "Commons Collections" dependency to avoid deserialization security issue.
* Security: Fixed several XSS issues, mostly in the demo content.
* Security: Added stronger role checks when users access an editor.
* Solr: Added "decodeUrl" option to Solr collector.
* Solr: Added field-to-containerpage mapping in Solr indexer.
* Solr: Improved Solr shutdown to avoid memory leaks.
* Solr: Fixed URL decoding issue in content collector.
* Solr: Fixed NPE when reading document dependencies while indexing.
* Solr: renamed field/type _cs to _comma to avoid conflict with Czech locale.
* Fixed issue with the login-form property not working correctly for detail pages.
* Fixed issue with editor change handlers not being able to change values of invisible fields.
* Fixed issue where links were invalidated in the content editor and thus became uneditable.
* Fixed issue with pointers / htmlredirects not working for internationalized domain names.
* Fixed issue with type name replacement in module clone dialog.
* Fixed issue where toolbar buttons would become enabled for non editable resources.
* Fixed issue with content editor fields becoming unselectable in IE11.
* Fixed issue with limited Lucene date range queries.
* Fixed issue with widget for selection of organizational units.
* Fixed issue with NPE during formatter selection.
* Fixed issue with NPE during inline editing.
* Fixed issue where users could not be added to a virtual group if already member of a related role.
* Fixed issue with selecting multiple formatters defined in schema.
* Fixed issue with caching of formatter configurations defined in schema.
* Fixed issue with language detection for locales having the same language like en_GB and en_US.
* Fixed issue where import failed due to missing principals.

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