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Liberado OpenCms 10.5.0

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Foi lançado a versão OpenCms 10.0.1 com varias correções e melhorias.

Essa versão tem o foco em site localization, adicionando ferramentas para ajudar a tradução de pages e mapas de sites. Muitas caracteristicas de usabilidade foram feitas no editor de pagina e no explorar. O OpenCms 10.5 tem embarcado uma versão de melhoria para o Apollo Template. Baseado em Bootstrap, o Apollo Template permite uma total customização sem precisar programar.

News in OpenCms 10.5.0
* Localization: Compare localized subsites side-by-side.
* Localization: Copy pages from one language to another, including content.
* Localization: Connect the same page in different languages using locale relations.
* Localization: Message bundle translator.
* Localization: Support for localized properties.
* Asset Connection: Data view widget API allows to natively integrate external assets in the content editor.
* Asset Connection: Support for using external assets in templates through EL functions.
* Enhanced online preview in the page editor hides all OpenCms added markup for HTML debugging.
* The Apollo Template has been greatly enhanced with new options and functionality.
* The user interface now uses mostly font icons for better support in high resolution (retina) screens.
* Unified toolbar appearance and context menus for editors and workplace.
* New and improved Project Management app.
* Expired / unreleased resources in lists can now be shown on their detail page.
* Security: Added password expiration option.
* Security: Added password strength indicator in password dialog.
* Security: Added dialog "Edit user" so users can update their personal information
* Security: Added optional "Confirm personal information" dialog after user login.
* Added OpenCmsUrlServletFilter to easily remove the /opencms servlet name.
* Added <cms:jsonpart> tag and CmsJsonPartFilter to split the output of a page to JSON fragments.
* Added <cms:scaleImage> tag for creating responsive image variations, provided by mwxwidmann.

Improved in OpenCms 10.5.0
* Improved behavior when switching between page editor, sitemap and explorer views.
* Explorer: Displays of icon overlays on folders showing the default file type.
* Explorer: Resources that are part of a sitemap are shown with a bold title.
* Explorer: Option to sort by navigation position by click on icon column.
* Explorer: Added optional "Copyright" and "Cache" columns.
* Explorer: Improved Display / Edit default actions when clicking on a file.
* Explorer: Improved Copy / Move / Rename functions and dialogs.
* Explorer: Values for Title, Navigation, Copyright and Cache columns can be edited directly by clicking.
* Keyboard shortcuts: Added "step through element views" to page editor (Ctrl-E).
* Keyboard shortcuts: Added "step through overlapping edit points" to page editor (Ctrl-Shift-E).
* Keyboard shortcuts: Added "save" and "save and exit" to content editor (Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Shift-S).
* Keyboard shortcuts: Added option to show "copy or reuse" dialog after drag & drop (Ctrl + mouse up).
* Keyboard shortcuts: Added option to switch the Explorer view to the "Online" project (Ctrl-O).
* Page editor now "remembers" the last formatter set for a content type as default.
* Categories attached to contents are now by default stored in the relation engine, not the XML.
* Added "Show Online" option to page editor (requires correct site configuration).
* Added option to disable all formatter in a subsitemap configuration.
* Added support for connecting with encrypted email servers.
* Added JSP EL functions to read categories from a resource.
* Added JSP EL functions to read locale relations for a page.
* Added support for Google API keys to the location picker widget that uses Google Maps.
* Transferred edit JSP permission from "Template developer" role to "VFS manager" role.
* Extended macro formatters for better handling of new contents.
* Improved model group handling to keep all group data in a single resource.
* Improved user info dialog.
* Enhanced <cms:link> tag to allow links to specific detail pages.
* Updated Chinese and Japanese localization, provided by twofisher.
* Updated Russian localization, provided by makarov-iliya.
* Updated CodeMirror to version 5.21.0
* Updated TinyMCE to version 4.4.3.
* Updated Lucene/SOLR to Version 5.5.3.
* Fixed performance issues with inheritance groups.
* Fixed issue #422 with bad performance of 'Choice' elements for XML contents, provided by mwxwidmann.
* Fixed issue #425 where wrong content encoding header was set for GWT dialog messages by gallardo.
* Fixed issue #451 where too many tabs caused layout problems in content editor.
* Fixed issue #455 with TinyMCE when using Portuguese as workplace language.

Para mais informações: ... notes.html

Download da versão OpenCms 10.5.0

Download do upgrade para versão estavel 10.5.0
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